Our Vision

TERAPANTH PROFESSIONAL FORUM aims at bringing together all Terapanthi professionals for social, spiritual, and professional development. We plan to offer unique opportunities to network with peers, create strong social bonds, and grow a variety of professional contacts. There are over 6500 Terapanthi professionals who are excelling in various walks of life and our goal is to facilitate and accelerate their personal & professional growth.
Our activities include:-


TPF conducts an annual national conference with the blessings of Acharyashree Mahashramanji & under the guidance of Shree Rajneesh Muni. Our 7th Conference was held during the month of August, 2014 at Adhyatama sadhana kendra mehroli delhi where we saw active participation by over 500 professionals. The conference serves as a platform for us to take stock of activities taking place all year round and plan ahead. It brings together like minded professionals from all across the country and ensures interaction by way of group activities & discussions.

Social Networking:

Networking is of immense importance in every professional’s life and is the differentiator between an excellent and average professional. Thus it is essential that Terapanthi professionals meet and interact on a regular basis. The branches have effectively implemented this vision and thus we see “Monthly meets in Kolkata” on various topics, Group Sessions in Delhi, A regional meet in South India etc. For more details, kindly visit the branch pages from the Home Page.

Career Development:

As professionals, our foremost obligation to the society is to prepare the next batch of professionals. Thus we have undertaken Career Development as one of our Key Activities. We are lucky to have talented entrepreneurs in our society in the field of Education & Career Counseling. One of them is Shri Prakashji Nahata, CEO Anthroplace Consulting who has taken over the reins of this activity. He is planning Career Counseling camps in all our branches. Our aim is to expand this initiative to a Job Portal & Entrepreneurship cell.

Spiritual Awakening:

  • Baics of Jainsm

Dharma and spirituality in the context of Jainism are an integral part of TPF. As Terapanth professionals, we all look to incorporate dharma into our lives in some capacity. We will organize sessions which cater to our specific interests, time constraints and knowledge levels.

Late Acharyashree Mahapragyaji had envisaged that we prepare 5 high caliber speakers competent to represent the community on an international platform on topics like Preksha Dhyan, Jeevan Vigyan, Jain philosophy etc. We are closely working with experts in this area and will be uploading the content at the earliest.

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